Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a good week and a bad day

i opened this page an hour ago to start writing, and all i had was the title. guess its been a busy morning. (edit: i just finished, and its now been more than two hours since i first sat down. whew. one of those days i guess!)

two workouts to log, monday 32 minutes 2.73 miles 360 calories and tuesday, 33 minutes 2.87 miles 375 calories. jason had monday off, which was fantastic. even better, he didnt tell me until sunday night! so that monday work out was actually in the afternoon and so refreshing. then last night i forced myself to go. i was in such a funk yesterday. it was awful. before i get into it, i should probably just run down the week.

wednesday last week i dont remember, so it must have just been a day around the house.

thursday nate came over and had coffee and we had a nice chat for a couple hours. it was good to have company (caused me to tidy up the house a bit) and get to know each other a little bit.

friday i took the kids out to coffee at the m and we really enjoyed ourselves. i have missed going for coffee every thursday like i used to.

saturday i took a couple hours off. i wrote about that already, and it was great. stay at home moms should all take a couple hours off once in a while.

by sunday my tiny bit of feeling better was gone and i was miserable again. whatever viral plague i have has really dug its heels in. i decided to call and make an appointment with dr freeman.

monday i started to feel the teeniest bit better, but made a dr appointment anyways, for next tuesday. ugh. its the soonest i could get in. and i had better not still be sick by then! jason was home all day and we accomplished a lot around the house. it was nice to spend a whole day together the day before school starts back up.

then there is tuesday. i woke up just a little late, fifteen minutes or so, but got the kids together and to bible study on time. and bible study was fun. i was home in time for sarah to drop off the boys for the after noon and nothing particularly interesting happened but i was in such a bad mood. i could feel myself being impatient, cranky, irritable, and all sorts of other moody things. kids took late naps so i went upstairs to pick out fabric for a baby shower gift and even that didnt cheer me up. jason was home late from work (as expected) and helped convince me i should go to the gym. working out felt good, but i kept thinking of excuses to come home (george needs to nurse again, emmas probably throwing a fit because shes up late after her nap, geroge will cry because his schedule is off, jason needs to get his bike ready for school and cant do that with the kids up...) so i only lasted half an hour. and he had everything finished when i got home at 930, i just sneaked in and nursed george one last time, but he had accomplished everything while i was gone. but my bad mood persisted.

it was just one of those feelings that had settled down on me and i couldnt shake off.

but today is wednesday again, and i am feeling much much better. still have a runny nose and nagging cough, but my mood is improved. (i write this while listening to to of the four children at my house cry at nap time, so i must be feeling better!) and i think it might just have to do with my weight. :)

last wednesday i weighed 174.2 pounds. this morning, i weigh 172 pounds. thats a loss of 2.2 pounds! i just skipped right over that 173 i had been hoping for. :) now that little 6 is getting closer and closer, i have a new short term goal to look forward to. cant wait till next wednesday!

(i am grocery shopping tomorrow, and my real simple this month had a list of 30 foods that you should try to incorporate into a healthy diet. several of them we eat around here on a regular basis, but there are a few new ones id like to try. jason gave me the okay last night to cook up some new things and promised he would eat them at least once. so, i am very excited to see how i can shake up our eating habits again to see some greater change in the next few weeks. and of course, ill let you know if i stumble across anything particularly yummy.)


  1. here is the list of 30 from my january real simple

    skim milk
    whole grain pasta
    peanut and almond butters
    non fat greet yogurt
    chicken breasts
    wild salmon
    blue berries
    black beans
    sweet potatoes
    extra virgin olive oil
    kidney beans

    id say we use at least two thirds of those on a weekly basis, but i am going to pick up some quinoa and kale i think tomorrow and see how i can add them in. then maybe ill try some chard or bulgar. we will see. :)

  2. Awesome!
    Ooh, there's a quinoa recipe that i LOVE. i'll have to email it to you. and i can't get enough sweet potatoes/yams. yes! chard is surprisingly yummy as well. this is a good list. :)

  3. Oh yum! I think I have made all of that recently except fish products, ew. I never liked fish and I am so happy I don't have to eat it anymore, since I found out flax seeds have way more omega-3s than fish do...phew ;)