Wednesday, January 12, 2011

back on track!

i made it to the gym last night making three times this week!
37 minutes 3.21 miles 427 calories

and today is wednesday. george slept through the night and woke up just before my alarm. too bad i was up at 1am anyway listening to jason puke in the next room. what a sound to wake up to, and poor jason waking up to do it. seems to just be something he ate though, because the rest of us are still fine. (i hope that continues.)

so anyways, wednesday. this morning i weigh 174.2 pounds for a loss of 1.6 pounds this week! i am a little bummed its not a tiny bit lower, like into the 173 though. i weighed myself yesterday morning and was 174 even, and even worked out yesterday. but i probably drank more water too. but yay for a pound and a half anyways!

also, that puts me at 0.2 pounds lost after you negate the weight i gained over christmas and new years. so i am back on track! my reward? today, after breakfast for the kids and i get their laundry put away, we are taking a family trip to the m for coffee.

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