Thursday, January 13, 2011

alarm clock

my alarm has been set to 730 every day this week. this morning, i got up with the second snooze. :) i have had a rough time reverting back to my alarm rather than waking when george woke up (because he was in our room, and i could just hear him.)

hes gone two (great) nights sleeping from 8pm to 730/830am which means i can start getting up before him to spend some time alone (without getting up before 7am, which is just awful and shouldnt be allowed.)

i am still waiting for my bible to arrive. it left colorado last night and should get to boise today or tomorrow for delivery on saturday. i skipped reading the last two days because i wanted to start hebrews in my new bible, but this morning i read anyways. i will just re read it whenever my bible arrives. im using bible gateway to read from the new living translation to get a feel for how my new bible sounds. i finished up 2 timothy, titus, philemon all in that translation and several times i wanted to stop and underline or make a note and wished i had the real thing here so i think i will really enjoy it. the trouble with reading from my computer screen is that i tend to skim because i am so used to reading for information or a main idea. i find myself going back and re reading, realizing i have skipped verses as i skimmed. so, i am looking forward to my new bible.

on another note, and probably the reason it was easier for me to get up on time today, i have a friend coming over this morning. a couple nights ago i got an email from nate, a guy who goes to small group and church with us, asking if we could sit down and chat about staying home and taking care of kids. he has a little boy 7 weeks younger than george that he takes care of during the day while his wife works. i feel pretty unequipped to give advice, but i can listen and sympathies, and ive done a lot of trial and error with the four kiddos that hang out around here. i am hoping that our chat helps him out, some way or another. (so if i cross your mind today, or right now as you read this, would you pray for nate?)

this afternoon, if time allows, sarah and i are going to take the kids out to jabbers to play. so today should be a full and fun day all around. and its already started off well, getting up with my alarm clock.

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