Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the good news, and the better news

174.8 pounds.

thats a pound down this week. i feel like im not putting out any effort, and im still seeing results. this is either complete luck, or i have begun to incorporate positive changes into my everyday life so much so that i dont even notice. i think they are both kind of true.

but thats not even the good news.

i went shopping today and bought size 8 jeans. thats a single digit. i cant remember the last time i wore a size 8. (which means, its probably been ten years. that is a LONG time.) (also, id really like to put on my wedding dress, and feel it loose on me. its a size 12. and when i got married, it just fit. maybe tomorrow. :)

so one pound, and a size 8. im not going to make my goal by christmas, but thats okay.

july 14 i weighed 213.4 pounds. i wanted to loose 65 pounds. today i weigh 174.8 pounds, for a total loss of 38.6 pounds in 21 weeks. that leaves 26.4 pounds to my goal. i can do this!
(especially when i remember that i weighed 235 during my pregnancy, so i have actually lost 60.2 pounds. thats just incredible.)


  1. I am so proud of you AND your efforts! You're amazing. <3