Monday, December 27, 2010

a change this week

i made the decision when i packed for our week (+) in california, to leave the scale at home. this may be a poor choice, looking at last weeks pound gain, but i dont think so.

i want to enjoy our vacation, and the break from responsibilities, and i did not want to dwell on my every choice like i need to to lose. so, i know i have eaten a lot of sweets and good food (because the food is good, and abundant, and best of all, i dont have to prepare it) and i expect i might gain another pound this week.

i am paying attention to how my clothes fit, and how i feel. and i am trying to eat more of things that i knew to be better for me from my meals. when we get home again in a week, i will return my focus to meal planning, and also getting in time at the gym. ( i am thinking i will shoot for twice a week, but have not decided for sure yet.)

there is a scale here, and i do plan to weigh myself, but it will not be part of my record, because scales all tend to weigh differently and this one here has a reputation for being off often.

merry christmas. :)

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