Wednesday, September 29, 2010

true to my word

i am posting today not only because it is wednesday, but because i need the daily accountability again. so true to my word, a post is due.

unless i start getting up on time (at 7) again, this will have to wait until nap time, rather than after devotion. emma is awake and needs fed and changed when im finished with devotions so i just cant spare the time there when i dont get up until 8.

along with a daily post, i am also going to start some very small weight lifting to tone up my arms. i have not seen any inch decrease in my arms and i know i cant reduce fat in specific areas, but i can tone muscles in specific areas, which will help burn more fat. so i did just a couple sets of 10 reps with my five pounds weights of some bicept curls and flys and a little for my triceps. simple simple and im sure totally unconventional. ill have jason help me with form later. :)

as for wednesday, here we go. :) last wednesday, september 22 i weighed 189.4 pounds, and today i weigh 187.4! thats 2 more pounds lost, AND i have reached my pre emma weight! i weighed 187 when i got pregnant with emma in march 2008, two and a half years ago. what an accomplishment!

now ive got my eyes set on 170something and boy does it look good. i still have a ways to go, but week by week (though slower than i would like) i am getting there!

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