Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 weeks and what a change

my patience is very tried this morning. and its only just before eleven. oi.

nothing specific, there has just been a lot of squabbling between the kiddos (a lot a lot) and after several hours, it really gets to me. so i am praying for patience.

i am sure it doesnt help that because i got the kiddos early, i have not yet had time to sit down with my bible and my esther questions yet this morning. but, that is my nap time plan.

on another, much more encouraging note, i did it! today is wednesday, which means i step on the scale and record what it tells me. last wednesday september 15 i weighed 192 pounds. today, september 22 i weigh 189.4! thats 2.6 pounds this week, and a grand total of 24 pounds in 10 weeks. so so exciting. its been 2 and a half years since i weighed so little. ha, funny to call that a little number when i consider the goal, but still!

this week, i have decided it is important for me to get back to the gym on a more regular basis. i have been so touch and go, its not a good habit. and also, my back has started to ache again and since i dont have chiropractic coverage through our insurance, exercise is the next best option.

one more thing. on saturday i enjoyed the beth moore simulcast at our church. she did a fantastic job, and i had a great time. God gave me a sweet little reminder that he is taking care of things in my life. i am claiming the verse "he who began a good work in you, will carry it on to completion" and i feel like july 14 was a jump start to completing that work. also, when we sang the line "he can move the mountians, my gos is mighty to save, mighty to save" (even though i have heard the song a bazillion times before) it was laid on my heart that this whole DHS and DHW situation is such a mountian, but that doesnt mean that it is immovable.

over the last couple weeks, pastor has had some points that have gotten to me too. one was that our kids learn about God at home. the church is not the source, it is a resource to enphasise what is already being taught at home. and second, that our relationship with God should come up in conversation. BSU games come up in conversation, why doesnt faith? arent they both a part of our lives? so i have been working on those two things. it is a growing time in our house. ive felt led to challenge jasons faith to grow as well, and though i feel uncomfortable doing it, and i know i am not being asked to be a resource for his growth, i do need to encourage him so seek out ways to grow. we have always gone to church together, but this is otherwise a whole new aspect to our relationship and i cant wait to see the difference in our lives over the next few months.

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