Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 61 and when should i stop counting?

i dont think im ever going to stop counting. i will always be able to remember the day i started, because it was jenns birthday. anyways, just thought of that today.

it has been an emotional up and down weekend. and, the rec is closed and jason as been at work all weekend. 12 hours yesterday, and he went in after church this morning and will have to go back tonight after we work with the teens.

rachel complimented me at church again today. it was really nice to get to tell her that ive lost 20 pounds since i told her just after i started that i had set a big goal. and because i see myself all the time, i dont always get to notice the small changes. but i see her once a week, so she does. it was really nice.

i am signed up for the beth moore simulcast on saturday, and this morning i signed up for the tuesday morning bible study at church. i am reaching out. im making progress. im doing it.

i dont think i will make my goal for wednesday, because jaosn has worked all weekend, and small group is tomorrow night, that leaves only one day to get in a good work out. but we will see. im not giving up. i have made other positive changes this week, and thats the point, so im not going to be disappointed.

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