Friday, September 17, 2010


its a good thing i got that quickie post in when i did on wednesday, otherwise it may have been two days late. :) so here is the recap of everything ive missed.

monday i took a walk with the kiddos to the park, (1.75 miles) then in the evening (quite late actually because we had small group) i went back to the rec. you saw that post that i had made it, and i stuck it out for 20 minutes 1.75 miles 250 calories. my biggest struggle about going to the gym right now is that each time i go, i am spending time away from jason that i would much rather be spending with him. but i am begining to feel better about that.

tuesday was the first day of bible study. i was nervous going, and when i first sat down there were mostly older woman and all of them knew one another. thank goodness several familiar faces showed up a little late, and amy (from sunday school who just had a tiny baby girl) sat next to me so we chatted a little bit. i even borrowed her pen because i didnt know i would need one to fill out my listening guide. bible study was great. i enjoy beth moore. shes funny, relate-able, and intelligent. i think i will enjoy this study. and, it comes with homework, so i have been using that as my devotions each morning, and i am starting to notice that i miss my regular reading, so i am going to just do both.

after a no so great weight on wednesday, i did make it to the gym again. 46 minutes 3.8 miles 543 calories. and it started to feel good again. (helps that good tv is starting up again... :) i really believe that this week i will be under 190. i can do it. how exciting will it be to weigh 186? thats 1 pound less than i weighed when i got pregnant with emma almost three years ago. i am so close.

this is a terribly messy mix up of a post, but thats how my week has been. (i had the boys three days this week too.) my daily schedule is getting better, i am not having as much trouble sticking to it, even though sometimes i do not like it. thats why there are three loads of laundry that need folded. but that happens once in a while.

and last, i am excited for the beth moore simulcast on saturday. i want to fully become the new person God is making me into, and learning how to do that from a woman who is so entertaining and interesting while sitting with friends seems like a great way to do it.

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