Tuesday, May 22, 2012

vacation recap, wednesday, and the plan

i updated about last saturday, but there is still a lot to fill in from the 10 or so days since then.

sunday we churched and rested at home, along with packing a separate bag for disneyland and for the kids while we would be gone.

monday we got up at 4 and drove to anaheim.  we checked in at the hotel and walked in to california adventure at 1230pm.  and we walked and walked and walked.  we also ate a lot of deliciously terrible food.  and some huge 2$ apples.  and more terrible food. it was wonderful.

tuesday we got into the park an hour early, and walked. and walked.  (i am actually really glad we did so much back and forth wandering, or i would have gained more weight than i did over the week.)

wednesday morning we checked out of our hotel and headed back to disney land for our last day.  we did all our shopping, some last rides, and stayed in the park till just before the parade at 7.  then another long drive back to pittsburg and we were home around 2am.  i did not weigh myself.

thursday we walked to starbucks and to grandpa georges house for a visit, then home again.  (2.5 miles)

friday we hung out at home to recover from our busy week.  i convinced jason to pull some weeds in his parents back yard, and i helped the kids tie dye some shirts after dinner.  at bath time for the kids i finally weighed myself.  i weighed 178.4 pounds.  it was awful.  i told jason i wanted to get in another run on saturday and that we would need to get a schedule down and a plan on the drive home sunday. that weight was unacceptable.

saturday after breakfast we drove to grandpa georges house and the whole family walked the duck pond together.  we had a lot of fun seeing the baby ducks, loads of turtles and feeding all of them.  when that was over, we fed the kids lunch and jason and i left for a run while they napped.  we did hill repeats and totaled about 2.25 miles.  we all went out to chilis for dinner, and after dinner went for a walk around the neighborhood.  larry, joshua and mark rode bikes, reaann, emma and georgie were strollered and the rest of us walked.  we were out for about 45 minutes at a pretty quick pace.  it was a really nice walk.

sunday after church we stayed for lunch then headed back to idaho.  it took us 11.5 hours, as usual, so we got home at 2:30am.

and that brings me to yesterday.  monday morning we all caught up on a little bit of sleep.  jason didnt go to work till 8, the kids slept till nine (!) and i was able to sneak out some extra rest on the couch till 830.  it was so nice. emma went to school while gerogie and i grocery shopped and put away laundry from our trip.  jason was home in time for dinner (! again.) and made it to the last small group of the summer (!!).  its so nice out in the evenings, and the kids are used to being up late anyways that when we got home from small group at 830 we took the kids for a three mile run around the neighborhood. it was hard.

i have been trying to figure out a new approach to getting in my bible study, exercise, and nutritious eating because what ive been doing the last 6 months is clearly not working.  on our run last night while i was talking at jason i realized that last time i started running outside i already had a solid base of good health from working out in the gym and i eased into it on a treadmill for two weeks.  this time around ive had a solid 16 weeks without any regularity and now ive just jumped into outdoor running.  its a whole different story than last time.  i need to be aware of that, and adjust my ideas and goals accordingly. 

i have written out a new plan to follow, and meal plans for jason and i as well.  (he gained more than ten pounds in the last two weeks.) so far so good, as i weighed myself last night (and this morning) and am now at 173.4 pounds.  thats only 2 pounds over in the last two weeks, and i feel like its much more manageable.  i did well yesterday keeping my meals in check, and so far so good today.  if it becomes more of an issue, ive already created a food journal to make myself acutely aware of the calories i am taking in.

in the coming couple of months, jason and i both have some goals to meet that i will detail a little later.  in many ways it feels like starting all over again, but i guess thats kind of the point.  as long as im willing, i can always give myself a second try.

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