Wednesday, May 2, 2012

and Then, we will be DONE.

i have held out so long.  so so long.  but the 37 hours (in three long, and one short day) last week, and the final two weeks of jasons semester and the final weeks of child care for me- have just blown up my stress level.  i am exhausted all the time, i am not sleeping well at night, i am munching on sweets and considering nachos as a meal more than once a week.  i weigh 172.4 this morning, another gain this week. and so much more than id like to weigh at this point. 

i feel out of control and this morning i could probably use a good cry and three separate padded rooms.  the kids are screaming (literally, screaming, all the time) and emma has started to hit.  we are all just done.

except that we wont be done for several more days.  i need to get through today, then next tuesday, wednesday and thursday.  and THEN, we will be DONE.

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  1. Hang in there! Just keep moving forward. You will make it!