Thursday, May 31, 2012

its the end of may

tuesday, half mile walk around the neighborhood with all 4 kiddos

wednesday, half mile walk with the kids around the neighborhood.  emma rode her bike the whole way, georgie pushed his lawn mower most of it.

jason and i both needed to run yesterday, so i decided to drive into boise to run the greenbelt with him.  we both love to run there- its a bit of a bummer that we dont live closer to a nice greenbelt like that.  ours is so short here.  anyway, we did a 4.6 mile trail run along the river.  my endurance is improving, i took 3 one minute breaks to stretch out my tight hamstrings (still sore from pulling weeds monday) or walk, but otherwise ran the entire distance.  its great improvement.  next step is increasing speed. 

and, tomorrow is june which means another mother runners challenge begins.  i am filling out a calendar tonight.

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