Tuesday, May 29, 2012

our memorial weekend

saturdays run plans were canceled due to rain all day, and jasons need to work.  but we did spend the evening playing with landon and enjoying dinner with gabe and courtney. 

sunday evening we had a family dinner at aunt renees house to visit with a couple of her boys who were in town.  i convinced jason that since we were already in boise we should just drive in a little farther and run the green belt.  we had a fun 5 miles, inturupted by lots of potty breaks.  i had too much water to drink all afternoon and had to go before we left renees, as soon as we got to the park, and again 15 minutes later. whew. i wasnt even thirsty when we finished.

yesterday we did yard work (sun burns and sore legs to prove it) and played.  jason built my swing, so its FIXED! and i cleaned up all the weeds in jack kennel and trimmed the roses.  kids played in the water and painted bird houses.  the whole thing was really a lovely day.

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