Wednesday, August 29, 2012

quiet week.

we took the kids camping friday night, and were exhausted by bed time saturday.  (who am i kidding, i was ready for bed at 2pm, and actually went to sleep at 8pm) my eyes started hurting almost as soon as we got home, and finally yesterday afternoon i was able to see my eye dr. i was feeling better by the time i woke up this morning, but that didnt let me go back in time and feel well enough to get in loads of running. jason and i did put in 7 miles on sunday evening though, and it was so nice. we did a trail run from his office out to barber park back, and i really did enjoy it. tonight ill walk for a while after i get the kids in bed, just because i dont want to go any longer without logging miles.

as for my weight this morning, it was better than expected. after camping i had gained several pounds (mostly from all the salty chips i ate) but this morning i was at 168.4 pounds.  no matter what i do, i seem to be holding steady to that. i have started getting into a morning routine with all the kids, and i am slowly adding to that my other responsibilities. i am never going to enjoy doing the dishes, or folding laundry, but i can enjoy the neat and clean space i get to live in when those things are finished. along those same lines, jason and i have figured out a simple running routine that allows us to take a long run together on sundays. im looking forward to those too.

that about covers it for this week, its been a bit of a quiet one with me not feeling well, but no real complaints.

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