Thursday, August 23, 2012

two long weeks!

8/9 thursday 1.25 mile walk, train like a mother weight training circuit
8/10 friday shred it with weights
8/11 saturday 3.25 mile run in 36 minutes
8/12 sunday off (packing for a trip home with mom and the kids)
8/13 monday off (driving home 11 hours with mom and the kids)
8/14 tuesday 2 mile walk to evergreen park and back
8/15 wednesday playing at the park with the kids, loads of painting at moms house

wednesday weight 8/15 168 pounds

8/16 thursday painting
8/17 friday painting (mom and i painted the entire downstairs of the house. living, diing, kitchen, and hall, all the way up the stairs. also, all the trim around doors and windows, and all the doors. in three days, usually between the hours of 6pm and 2am. it was a long three days, but we got it done. that also included a ton of getting rid of things, and rearranging and removing furniture.)
8/18 saturday 2 mile walk to the park and back (family reunion! there was a great group of family this year, and the kids had a lot of fun.)
8/19 sunday running at the ocean! we met up with ashley and all her boys (dan included!) and went to heceta. we ran, jumped, laughed until we froze.
8/20 monday off (drive back to idaho with jason and the kids)
8/21 tuesday 4 mile run to the church and back so jason could help move furniture in the nursery.
8/22 wednesday 4 mile run to preschool and back

wednesday weight 8/22 168.8 pounds

it was a really big two weeks, though summarized as it is above it doesnt really feel that big. i am 8 days out now from real half marathon training, and thats why ive started easing myself back into it as soon as we got home monday night. i also started watching the boys and chauffeuring to preschool and back this week. so far so good there.  today i am finishing up dishes and laundry from this week (and finishing unpacking for the kids) just in time to pack up a smaller bag for the whole family as we have decided to squeeze in an overnight camping trip friday night.  im not sure where we will go thats not on fire, but we will find somewhere that the kids can get dirty and play.

and thats the last two weeks i guess! whew, its been full.

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