Wednesday, August 8, 2012

16.5 miles this week

last week i weighed 168.8 pounds and today i weigh 169.2 pounds.

and ive put in some miles this week. 
thursday 8/2 we ran a 5k in 35 minutes and finished up for an even 3.5 miles.
friday off
saturday 8/4 5 miles up hill! both ways! (kidding.) we ran up iowa two miles, which means running up the hill to get to the lake. it was tough, but i also really enjoyed it. it was in the 8pm hour so the day was cooling off and after dealing with a broken irrigation main early in the day it was nice to just run for a while.
sunday/monday off
tuesday 8/7 i did 3 miles on the treadmill while on skype with katie.  kids have been running wild this week (probably not as much as i think, i just keep staying up too late watching the olympics, so ive got shorter patience in the morning.) and i really needed to just get some miles in. so there they are.
and today, after an incredibly full (but good!) day of errands i found myself still in boise at 5pm and headed to jasons office for a run. he couldnt leave work yet, so i went on without him. we met up at the fish park (fish and games animal park, im not sure what its called, but the kids love it.) neither of us were feeling a run, so we walked out 5ish miles out and back, then to dinner. he had to go back to work when we were finished at 830, and i had to assemble georgies crib and get the kids to bed once i got home. it made for a long, long day.

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