Friday, August 3, 2012

treadmill wall

its been a great week for mail, and there is still more to come! (this is what happens when i shop. i finally find the best deal, and its online, so i have to wait for things to arrive.) but- todays mail was extra nice.

i dont decorate. im just generally bad at it. it isnt something that i think of to do. (kind of like putting dishes straight into the dishwasher. great idea huh? never think of it when they are in my hands.) but i decided my treadmill wall, the little two foot jut that our dining room (where the treadmill lives) sticks out from the rest of the house, needed something pretty.

its bright and cheery and motivating. the two 5x7s are scripture verses.

and the others are just pretty.  so, thats my new treadmill wall.  its nice to have something to look at now instead of just the most recent pile of laundry that needs folded, or dishes that need washed, or kids fighting.

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