Thursday, March 8, 2012

shoes, old posts, exercise, taking responsibility.

im considering minimalist shoes. ive heard a lot about them, and lately they are starting to look more like normal shoes (because looks are so important... ha.) reading another mother runner's post on merrell's new shoes got me thinking about the kind of shoes i wear in general. the description of zero drop soles fits my toms perfectly. and they are so comfortable because i dont feel like im wearing shoes at all.

isnt that the point of minimalist shoes?

i have a groupon for shu's that im going to use to replace my running shoes. mine arent dead yet, but i have a lot of miles on them and id like to continue to wear them for long walking days and workouts while i ease into a new pair. especially if that new pair is a minimalist one.

i spent some time last night (after taking a half hour nap with emma when i put her to bed) reading through the last year of posts and looking for some inspiration. i found several posts that either reminded me how far ive come, or resonated with where im at now, or kicked me in the butt to get my act together again.

when i am stressed, i do not get enough sleep. i dont eat well and i eat too much. i munch when im tired, and im always tired. i snack when im lonely and when im worn out from a busy day. because i eat poorly, and im lacking sleep, i have no energy. im not active enough and that just perpetuates the cycle.

i am trying to interrupt the cycle. im trying to do it as a single parent because jason is so swamped with work and school i feel like i cant ask him to come home in time for me to go to the gym. and by "in time" i mean by 9pm. the gym closes at 10. so what do i do? figure out another way. i mean, if this is important to me, and clearly IT IS, then i need to step up my responsibility and take care of myself.

i havent recorded any exercise for march, but i have been doing it.
march 3, 3.25 miles and 10 minutes on the stair master
march 4, 1.75 mile walk to the park with the kids
march 5, 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood with all three boys, also several games of bowling and air hockey. (and i am sore from the bowling, so it totally counts.)
march 6, 30 day shred, level one

today is warmer again. i plan to walk the kids, and pop in the shred again. thats what i would have done a year ago.

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  1. Good Job! Keep pushing yourself and eventually you will be back on top!