Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a lot of reflection

im stewing on some things today. in a good sort of way. i chose to turn my day around last night and after putting emma and georgie to bed (georgie chose to say thank you to jesus for emma last night. cutest thing in the entire world.) i changed and put in my jillian dvd. its been a long time since i did the 30 day shred.

when it was over (after several blips from my computer not working, and swapping it to the tv, and emma getting up) i really felt better. i kind of wanted to do it again.
i ended the evening with fresh hair color and a long bath. and a lot of reflection.

this morning i weigh 167.8 pounds. a loss, and lower than ive been in a couple months. i decided to delve back into my last year and see what i was doing last year that was working, and what i did in the winter (specifically since i gained over christmas) that isnt working. theres a lot there. and some really interesting things going on too. im not ready yet to try and articulate what im feeling. i want to sit on it a little while longer. but soon. ive got some more reading to do, and i need to start taking my own advice.

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