Friday, March 9, 2012

rough patch

gah. ive been taking a fine tooth comb to the blog this week, looking for any little bit of explanation and necessary change and wow- what a rough patch its been the last two months. february, while the shortest month seems to be in the running to be the most difficult. i had already forgotten about the whole family spending two weeks sick. georgie got off antibiotics and emma went on them the same day. i was just out for five days with a cough and jason had the weekend version of the same thing as the rest of us were starting to feel better. is it any wonder why i gained weight? if i ate, i wanted comfort food, and i wanted it quick and easy. im sure i made a lot of pizza and sweets because carbs and sugar are my cravings when im sick. what a short memory i have.

i thought i had been battling weight from christmas, but i shed almost all of those 4 pounds in the first weeks of january. it was the weeks i didnt stay on top of logging activities and my weight, the weeks i was too overwhelmed to make sure i took care of myself that i saw a gain. i need to remember that.

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