Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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jason and i spent sunday pretending he is not in school. we did laundry together, watched two movies he has wanted to see for a long time, and snuggled on the couch till too late at night. it was really nice.

yesterday i took the kids out in the stroller for a mile (ish) jog around the neighborhood while jesse was here with the boys cleaning crayon off the play room wall.

today the kids and i stayed close to home except to go vote (and watching the news right now about the levys, i just want to say to people, if you voted no, thats great! but PLEASE, have a reason! just because you think they dont need it isnt an informed vote. its not looking good for a pass in nampa, so im pretty bummed. but we will see.) anyway, after voting we happy mealed and came home to finish watching robin hood. i put the kids to bed and did all the moves for the 30 day shred with longer intervals to make it a 30 minute work out instead of 20. so, i kind of did the shred.

tomorrow i weigh, and im kind of looking forward to it.

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  1. Good Job!!! And it totally counts as the sherd! You shreded longer! :)