Thursday, September 29, 2011

a nice long walk

i did weigh myself yesterday morning. and i was super bummed. this week i weighed 157.8 pounds for a gain of 2.2 pounds. this was part fluke and part wake up call. this morning i am already down almost a pound and a half. i knew i was bloated and un-exercized and that i was not going to loose any weight this week. what i didnt expect was quite that big of a jump. im used to staying in the same spot and started to reevaluate my meals and activity this week. i switched up my cooking yesterday and tuned in to my calories. also, i took my first walk to preschool last night.

emmas preschool is just 4 miles round trip (i think i mentioned that here already.) so i loaded georgie up in the double with some snacks and drinks and we walked to pick up emma. he was content the whole time and only dropped his snacks once. when we picked up emma she was happy to get in the stroller and commented on all the motorcycles that passed us. our walk (including pick up) took just an hour and five minutes. the only down point (well, there are two) would be the goat heads in my stroller tires (twenty when i got home, and i know that several stuck and fell out on the walk) and how sore my bum is today. dewey has some hills! im looking forward to doing it again on days i have the time. (i need to be able to leave the house by about 4 in order to pick her up and get home in time for dinner.)

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