Thursday, September 22, 2011

hello plateau (again)

more on top of things today, i did weigh myself this morning. last week i weighed 155 pounds. this morning i weigh 155.6 pounds. hello again plateau.

i dont have a legitimate complaint though. whens the last time i ran? thats right, i have no idea. have i spent any time with a jillian dvd? nope. have i continued to eat the same foods (though i have consistently cut back the salt, and added one glass of water). so, should i expect to see change? no again.

i so struggle with living in a schedule. but thats what i really need if i am going to get there before the holidays (when every meal has twice as many calories in it).

the plan:
set up a google calendar with a minimum of 2 days of activity (a run or a video) that i can guarantee time for each week. (im thinking a video and a shower as soon as georgie goes down for a nap, after dropping emma off at preschool, or a quick run with him in the cooler afternoon. also, a run in the evening when jason gets home would work, but- his schedule is really unreliable right now. we will see. i will report back.)
add another glass of water in the morning (my usual is at night) while i am brewing coffee and pouring cereal.

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