Thursday, May 19, 2011


its been a while since i mentioned what im reading, and thought i should update you all on how its going. i made it through genesis and exodus and leared so much that i didnt know. i had no idea how short some of the classic bible stories i grew up with really are, and how long and drawn out others are. but now im in leviticus.

i usually read while im drinking my coffee or tea and eating breakfast. but leviticus- oy! i just cant read more than a chapter of "take hold of the animal at the entrance of the tabernacle and slaughter it. sprinkle its blood on the horns and seat, and pour the rest of its blood... burn all the fat, including the lobe of the liver..." and everything is repeated at least three times. once when God gives the instruction to moses, once when moses passes the instruction to aaron, and again when moses or aaron carries out the sacrifice.

i understand why its in there. why it happened, why God gave those instructions. we CANNOT do it on our own. we cannot atone for our own sins in a way that is satisfactory. we just dont cut it. and the israelites couldnt either. consider this: two of aarons sons who heard first hand the instructions didnt offer the proper sacrifice and the GLORY OF GOD BURNED THEM UP! the point of the old testament laws? to show us that we NEED A SAVIOR. and boy is that clear.

but does it make easy breakfast reading? oh no. not at all. so im having a hard time getting through leviticus. im in chapter ten now.

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