Thursday, May 19, 2011

i thought about it, then completely forgot!

yesterday was wednesday! and what a wednesday it was. we have been sick (george with a double ear infection, emma with her first ear infection and pink eye, me with laryngitis and a regular old cold that turned into pink eye last night) and cranky. but dont those things usually go together? add in two more kind of cranky kiddos and what a house i had yesterday.

BUT- theres more! on tuesday night i was feeling well enough that i did a short 1.25 mile run around the neighborhood at a ten minute mile pace (that included LOT of walking for my poor sick lungs) and i am so glad i did. i NEED to get in more miles in order to add miles. im pretty much starting over again.

back to wednesday. yesterday morning i weighed 160.6 pounds. i lost one whole pound this week and am only 0.6 away from the 150s. this has taken FOREVER. but i have renewed faith that i can make it happen. and as i have said about a million times, i REALLY REALLY need to add some sort of muscle building activity in order to get my body to burn more calories just being alive. that is the key that i am missing in these last few months. i just dont know exactly what that looks like.

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