Monday, May 30, 2011

i wore white spandex.

i ran this loop today in an attempt to mix it up a little. i chose a distance that seemed doable from memory but that i didnt actually know the mileage for so i could run for time and not for distance. there were a LOT of people on the greenbelt today. and i was wearing white spandex.

i must say, even if my weight hasnt changed in the last couple months, it appears that my filter has. my other running clothes were wet in the wash (i appreciate the laudry help, but because of it, i had to run in white spandex shorts.) so on with the shorts. they are under-armor shorts i bought a couple years ago to wear under dresses and skirts in the summer so my thighs wouldnt rub together and chafe. (too much detail? well, its part of being overweight.) they were never meant to see the light of day. it was a pretty hard mental workout to get over how i might look and just run. (on a busy road, and packed greenbelt on this national holiday when everyone and their dog (really.) were out to see me in my white spandex shorts.)

anyways, about the run. it was really a run/walk. i did about 3/4 running and 1/4 walking (most of the walking was the return trip on the greenbelt.) my time was 50 minutes. i felt good when i got home, just a little sunburned. and didnt know the distance until i mapped it just now. i was hoping for around 4 miles, because of my time, but 4.57 is what gmaps tells me. that is just under an 11 minute mile. and lots of walking. i like this new pace. maybe for a longer run later ill just take more of the greenbelt.

the point: i had a good run today. i enjoyed that run while wearing white spandex shorts in a very public place. these are both milestones.


  1. You are amazing. Seriously amazing. <3

    PS I have an entire collection of control-top sheer tights I use for the EXACT SAME THING. Despite my little toothpick legs, my thighs insist on being fatties.

  2. good job! way to rock it in spandex!!!!

  3. one of the little things ive been most excited to see change is that my thighs are so close to not touching anymore. and the leggings i usually wear to run in are control top leggings that i so love. but they are black and dark heather gray. i seem to be more comfortable in spandex in a color... (and that holds my tummy in. :)