Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the first step (after a break) is the hardest.

i ran last night. i went about 2 miles, back and forth and around the neighborhood. i didnt time it, instead i did some hills. its been two weeks i think since i last ran because we have been working on the old house and time is just so limited. the run felt good, i felt very capable but sluggish. i need to add miles in order to do a half later this summer, but i need to get in some consistency first.

this morning i weighed 161.6 pounds. that number felt pretty good. i lost 1.6 pounds and have been trying to pay closer attention to how much i am eating through out the day not just at meal times. im not giving up, i will get to 148. ill get there.


  1. Good Job! Way to stay motivated! You will get there! Look how far you have come! :) You have been my inspiration through all of this.

  2. thanks girl. ive felt very unmotivated lately. we have put in a lot of physical labor at the old house and its just wearing. on top of late hours and jason working late and finals this week (they are OVER!) i could really use some extra hours in my days. so im trying to get back on track this week.