Wednesday, October 27, 2010

crying babies and getting (rid of) a grip

the last few times jesses been here at nap time, there has been some serious crying. yesterday was better, and today was much much worse. i get so stressed out after listening to crying for so long, especially when theres nothing i can do. today he climbed out of the play pen and i had to wrap him up and hold him and shush him to sleep. i havent had to go to that extent in almost a year. so, my anxiety is a little high. (hes only been asleep for about half an hour, im sure ill feel a little better after some more time passes.)

and my body is holding on to this 8 with a life and death grip. this morning i weigh 180 pounds. that 2 pounds this week, which is super considering the 0.2 pounds i lost last week, and the week before was not much either. but, next week! i am SO THERE next week. and by there, i mean UNDER that 8.

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