Tuesday, October 26, 2010

on the letter

i expected the box to arrive on tuesday. i didnt take into consideration that i had mailed it early on saturday. it got there monday.

my dad waited until my mom got home monday night to open the package. he wanted her to open it. she told him that it was for him, she assumed it was a birthday present and that she didnt know anything about it.

he was very drunk.

he opened the box, read the letter, and that was it.

mom told me all of this when she called this afternoon. she casually dropped into the conversation that the box i sent dad had arrived. she also told me that she felt guilty, because she had read the letter. (well, it wasnt her letter to read.)

this morning the bible was gone. mom thinks he may have read the letter again, but doesnt know what he did with the bible. maybe hes reading it? maybe its out of sight out of mind? i dont know.

and honestly, im not sure i care. i mean, i know i was supposed to write the letter. i know i was supposed to buy that particular bible to send with it. i know i was supposed to mail it by the end of the week, and i did all of that. but i dont feel any conviction to do anything more. i did what i was meant to do, and i guess thats it. its a weird place im in huh?

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  1. I think it was a success in that you did exactly what God told you to do. If He wants you to do anything else, He'll tell you. You planted a seed this week! :D