Tuesday, October 19, 2010

snacky sweet

it was quite possibly not my best decision to have a snacky sweet evening the night before i weigh. but, true to my new habits, when i want to eat something, i eat it. i just make the best choice possible about it.

so tonight i had broccoli and cheese soup with baked cheese crackers for dinner. (and a few cookies here and there, but ill tell you about those later.) then some popcorn while watching biggest looser, and for dessert, hot chocolate ice cream. mmm. :) so we will see what i weigh in the morning, but even if i (for the first time in 14 weeks) gain weight, my world will not fall apart.

now about those cookies. i made gingersnaps. but i fudged them. i substituted 3/4 of the sugar with splenda, and added milled flax. i should have substituted some of the four with the flax instead of just adding it (there was too much flour that way i think) but they turned out really good. and, they have way less calories and lots more nutritional value than the originals. yum.

one more change this week. on sunday at church i began to feel very convicted about what we are studying in sunday school. we are talking about witnessing, and using the opportunities that God gives us. i started feeling like i dont have the same chances others do to run into people and share. well, on sunday i was hit like a brick with the fact that i havent shared how my faith has saved me, with my dad. so i am writing him a letter. i will mail it by the end of the week. i dont know what ill say, or how it will be received, but thats not really up to me. so im trusting God, following his urging, and writing a letter.

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