Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sleep sleep sleep

i feel like i need oodles of sleep lately. it doesnt help that ive been two days off of caffeine, and after one great night of sleep, george woke up at 430, again. its getting old. so im working on new sleep habits for both of us.

and some new eating habits. breakfast breakfast breakfast. i need to make it a priority! and no more candy. well, less candy. halloween is a killer. and i love tootsie rolls.

one more change, i need to do something each day. i am sitting in at a plateau, and i know moving will make a big difference. ive been pretty slack with jason being so busy, but his test if over now and next week his class project and last test will also be over. then he will be home sooner and i can make time to hit the gym once in a while.

now, for the wednesday business. last week, i weighted 180 pounds. this morning, november 3, i weigh 179.2 pounds. thats 0.8 pounds lost this week. not much. but i am so grateful that there was any at all. i cant tell you how many tootsie rolls and pumpkin cupcakes ive eaten. thats 34.2 pounds lost in 16 weeks. i have 8 weeks left to reach my goal. its not looking very optimistic, but i knew that might be the case. i have 30 pounds to go, and at just shy of 4 pounds a week, i dont see that happening. but i can get close.

so back to work. figure out the sleeping, focus on my eating, and get moving!

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