Wednesday, October 6, 2010

depends on how you look at it

185.4 pounds this morning. :) (thats 2 for this week by the way)

size 12 jeans.

i went shopping in my closet and put on every one of my six pairs of size 12 jeans for the first time in years. i settled on my favorite, levies 505 medium length, covered in orange, red, and brown paint and a bleach spot on the bottom of the right leg. last time i wore these jeans, we were painting moxie.

since july 14, i have lost 28 pounds.
since june 3, i have lost 50 pounds.

did you hear that? in 4 months, i had a baby and then lost 50 pounds. i feel like a super hero.

a super hero who as of this morning has some serious organizing to do in a certain down stairs bedroom, where a certain small child might soon be living. organizing and tidying and cozying for inspecting eyes next wednesday. you get where im going with this, right? they are coming next wednesday at 11. but its okay, because im a super hero. i can do it. (do i have another choice? not really. not if i want that kiddo here. and boy oh boy do i.)


  1. Yay! You really are Wonder Woman! I'm superly-impressed. Way to go, Sarah!

  2. thanks heidi! this has been SO exciting. and only one more size and i will be in my red dickies again! :)