Saturday, August 31, 2013

stepping over piles of garbage

i am literally (the bag is too heavy for me to carry out) stepping over garbage in my house right now. okay, i guess thats only true till jason gets home and carrys out the kitchen trash. but the rest of it is just so lived in and cluttered i am going crazy. i dont even know where to start. so im doing other things. like drying pears. for the last two weeks. which adds to the mess. pears in boxes on the floor, pears in the dryer, pears all over the kitchen table.

also, its saturday, not wednesday. but on wednesday morning, i weighed 210.6 pounds. so thats my starting point. i have not been that low again since then, but im working on it. also wednesday i did about 35 minutes of zumba. i found several classes on you tube and queued them up. then thursday was playgroup and we went to the zoo, which i walked packing lola so im counting that as exercise. friday morning i got the kids up and out early to be in boise at 7 for the spirit of boise balloon classic (which was great.)

then the rest of the day was pretty awful. just long, and tiring.

so today, i am tired. tired of parenting and sleep deprived tired. lola has been a doll today. just really good. the big kids on the other hand had me in tears before noon which hasnt happened in a REALLY long time. i sent them to their rooms at 1130 so i could try to get through the zumba class and feel successful at something this morning. it took me an hour to do 35 minutes. and the last 20 was after jason got home and dealt with the kids. but i did it.

so, we are working on it.

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