Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 weeks 6 days

tomorrow lola will be six weeks old. today is the first day of waking up to a house without company here or expected in a few days. so ive started sorting out how to get outside for a little exercise. my current problem is that i have three children. three is more than the two seats i have in the jogger. and also, lola shouldnt be in the jogger for several more months. in septermber we pick up the single from jasons parents when we meet them for camping at hat creek so then jason and i will be able to go together and each push a stroller. so, logistics.

but also ive been thinking about running vs the eliptical.  im planning to do some saving up so that i can purchase another rec center pass. i will be able to drop the kids at preschool, and take lola to the kids center at the rec while i work out twice a week. im really looking forward to that. i like having some time away from the kids to sweat and clear my head.

its so strange doing this again.  i know i can, and i know how, and i think thats part of what feels so odd.  also, i have had very few emotional swings in the last month compared to the drastic ones i had after george was born. i feel less dramatic.  ive set a couple goals to get myself motivated since i dont have that exasperation that i did last time around.  we are camping at hat creek the third week in september and i am really looking forward to running those trails with jason.  so thats goal number one. and second, i want to run another race in the spring/early summer.  i havent found one yet, but something around may or june at least a 10k that i will actually RUN.

the last part of this that i need to get together is to get back into my devotions. i have a quiet time for the kids almost every day, and instead of using that time to just read or shower or nap, part of it will go to spending some time in my bible each day.  im going back to the new testiment i think, but havent chosen a specific place yet.

and finally, AMR had a perfectly timed post for me. my body has been through a lot, i need to remember to be gentle with it.

tomorrow i pick up weighing myself on wednesdays again.

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