Thursday, February 23, 2012

wednesday weight, a day late

i did weigh myself yesterday, i just didnt get around to writing it down. i weigh 168.8 pounds. ugh. im bummed. but- i have to be proud of my time at the gym this week, 4.5 miles sunday, 2.5 miles tuesday, and then last night 2 miles, 5 minutes on the stairs and 10 minutes on the elliptical. my leg started to hurt as soon as i started to run last night, so i kept it short. i did a mile plus a lap to start and finished with walk one, run two, walk one after the stairs and elliptical. im taking today off from running to let those little tears heal before i rip them open again.

im trying to remain positive and watch for change, but i am struggling with it because ive been stuck here for a year. actually- im two pounds heavier than i was a year ago. i have seen a change in my size since then, which is great. but im still looking for that number.

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