Thursday, February 16, 2012

another rough week.

friday afternoon i started feeling a little crummy. sore throat, little coughing. then i relized i have been exhausted for several weeks. my body has clearly been trying to fight this bug off and i didnt even notice. well, it failed. by saturday i was full on sick. monday georgie came down with it too. his attitude does not improve when hes not feeling well, there has been a lot of scream-y crying here this week. yesterday (when i forgot to weigh myself i was so distracted) when i picked emma up from preschool they said she had started acting like she didnt feel well, and was doing a lot of coughing. i felt terrible. i try so hard not to take her when she is at all sick because i just dont want to share those germs, and its not like i have to take her, im not working out of the house or anything.

so as i pull into walmart to get some pedialite for my liquid food only children, georgie starts to wheeze. dr visit it is. a steriod and antibiotic for an ear infection later, he should start feeling better. emmas fever continued to climb. 103.6 when i checked her this morning. we had a long night with georgie waking up to scream at 4am, and emma having fever induced bad dreams ("wheres daddy? daddy, are you okay are you okay? daddy, are you okay?") from 1am-430am.

jason got up at 4, angry at his lack of sleep and even more stressed than when he went to bed at 11. he has a class at school that has him feeling like a failure. its an important class, group work, with a panel of 7 professors grading projects, papers, and presentations. the problem? all 7 profs have different expectations and none of them are making any of the expectations known to the students. they can be graded a 5/5 on professional dress by one prof, and a 1/5 by another. an 80% on their paper from one prof, and a 30% by another. and the professorship doesnt see a problem with this situation. the whole class has a high D or below, and they are telling the students this is "normal" at this point in the class. he is working so hard on it and just keeps getting knocked down. its wearing.

point: he needed the sleep, and he didnt get it.

point: we are sick, miserable and i weigh 168 this morning.

point: may cannot come soon enough.

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