Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i missed logging a couple miles at the gym this weekend. i though i had written it down here and just not on my paper list, but it isnt either place. saturday feb 25th i pushed myself out the door and did two easy miles (run one walk one) at the rec center.

i was nervous, frustrated, worried when i weighed myself this morning. i have been so close to 170 all week without actually being there. i was relieved to see i weigh 168.6 pounds, down 0.2 from last week, this morning. not excited, but relieved.

i have taken to cleaning the kitchen this week. i started in the farthest corner and have worked my way out. today that meant tossing brand new boxes of girl scout cookies into the back of the pantry where i wont find them for a while. i am finding that when i spend more time thinking about and preparing my meals, i make better choices for them. i enjoy eating them, and dont gobble it up and over eat. and ive loaded extra fruits and veg into everything. (bell pepper in my sweet and sour chicken, grapes in my salad, kiwi mango and blackberries blended into my milk at lunch time...) gives me more to eat and keeps the fat and calories lower. time will tell if it pays off.

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