Monday, October 10, 2011

yes i know what day this is, and no it doesnt add up.

in all 63 weeks, i have not yet been as slack as i have been this week. and not entirely because i forgot to weigh in. wednesday was a busy morning with a dentist appointment and preschool and coffee date- but what about the 4 days since then? well, that was just me.

my weight has been fluctuating. a lot. i have yet to begin exercising again, and while i have been more aware of my eating habits, they have not changed much. i know the math, and i know it doesnt add up the way id like, and that its absolutely my responsibility. but that doesnt make me feel any better about it.

so, on thursday, i weighed 158 pounds. a gain of 0.2 pounds. but on friday, i weighed 156.2 pounds, a loss of 1.6 pounds from the previous week (and 1.8 from the previous day.) see, fluctuating. a lot.

heidi and i talked this week about ways to keep ourselves motivated to move more. she came up with a great idea of assigning point values to different physical activities and then spending those points on rewards. there would be large and small points on each list, and activities that took just a few minutes, and some that were longer. i think its a great idea- but havent taken the time to sit down a write a list. (just like i havent taken the time to write this post.)

wednesday is only a couple (very busy) days away, and this week i have a new goal: write the list. today is pretty full until evening, and i can say the same about tomorrow, but i expect to have something figured out by the time i weigh myself wednesday morning.

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