Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no negative talk

this morning i weighed 159. my weight has steadily rose every week. im not happy, but tonight i am choosing a different path. i have noticed a lot of negative self talk lately. when i get dressed, when im sitting on the couch, when im cooking dinner, even sometimes when im talking to jason. and i dont want to go there- so im choosing not to. thats what i weigh, and thats it.

i did come up with a short list of activities and rewards with points. im not set on it, but i am hoping it will be a good starting point. im starting tomorrow.

activities and points
running one mile - 2
jillian dvd - 3
wear wrist weights while sweeping/mopping - 1
wear wrist weights while folding laundry - 1
walk one mile - 1
hydrate, 8 glasses - 0.5
take vitamins - 0.5
get up on time - 0.5

rewards and points
saturday break at the m - 30
buy used book - 15
$1 cash - 6

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