Thursday, November 11, 2010

today is a big big day.

i just bought size ten skinny jeans.

i cant find a picture of me in my red dickies, i know i have some at the coast, but on a different computer, and i dont want to go upstairs and hassle with it. so this one will have to do. this is christmas 2004. i am wearing a pair of size 12 dickies, and as you can see, they are too big. but thats me, the last time i wore a size 10.

that was 6 years ago. i was a 12 when i got married. then i gained weight when we were trying to get pregnant with emma. it was stressful. after she was born, i lost 44 of the 54 pounds i had gained with her, but never got below a 16. this time around, this is my second try and i am running with it. when i put on those jeans tonight i felt incredible. and theyre still a little snug. imagine ho w ill feel in a week or two when they fit well?

today was a big day.

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