Thursday, November 4, 2010

hello rec center.

its been five weeks since i was at the gym, and two months since i was there regularly. jason and i chatted last night, now that his test is over, i need him home before 8 at least a couple days a week. that was our deal originally, and now that he had a little more time, i need it back.

so, i went to the gym. 30 minutes 2.56 miles 347 calories. and it was easy. i changed all my setting to fairly high, a little higher than i usually set them, and just went. my heart rate went up, but my muscles felt fine. i dont want to be sore, so i quit at 30 minutes, but im planning to be there again tomorrow (if he gets home from a study session with his project partner in time) or saturday during naps. ive missed it, and i want to go back.

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