Wednesday, November 10, 2010

its getting harder

i knew this would happen. weight loss is not always easy. i am down on myself for making poor choices, and unmotivated to make the changes i really need to see more progress. its dreary out. i want to cuddle on the couch with comfort food. i do not want to pay attention to what that food is. (though i have been really pretty good about making my comfort foods better choices, my servings sizes just arent.) couple that with the lack of gym time ive put in, and we see minimal weight loss.

last wednesday november 3, i weighed 179.2. today, november 10, i weigh 178.6 for a loss of 0.6 pounds this week.

on the positive, i have seen continued loss each week.
on the realistic, half a pound isnt going to get me very far very fast.

so changes:

breakfast every day. a banana and cup of greek yogurt with my sort of decaf coffee
big and filling lunch (like 400 calories big) with 1 treat. treat today was another banana, but i have pumpkin and flax cookies too.
small, portion controlled dinner. i will not have seconds, unless it is of my veggie.
when i want a snack, first drink a glass of water. i know i havent been up to par there, because i have had several headaches cured by a big glass of hydrating water the last few weeks.
this is what i had been sticking pretty closely to for several months, and saw positive changes, so i want to get back to that. today has been good.

devotions in the morning with breakfast. i am absolutely aware that without God up front in my life, i cannot loose the weight. i have tried for years, and ive never done it before. thats what is so different this time around. my second try isnt set only on my shoulders, i have a big help if im willing to ask for it each day. and when i dont, i struggle.

gym time minimum of 3 days, for 30 minutes this week. next week, ill up it again. my time with jason at home has been so limited (as in, 10pm -6am most days) that i just dont want to leave when hes here. but if i dont get that time away, i will crave it later when its not available. his test is over, and hes making an effort to be home by 8 so i have time to go to the gym. i need to take advantage of that.

so last night i did, 38 minutes 3.3 miles 450 calories. i know if i keep it up, i will see change.

thats where im at today. this is where i decide to push through and make it work, because the alternative doesnt get my any closer to the girl i want to be, wearing those red dickies.

edit: i did gym tonight 45 minutes 3.86 miles 515 calories

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