Thursday, September 20, 2012


tuesday night i stayed on the couch with a fever, head ache and chills. emma did jammies and bedtime for me. she was such a big helper. really. wednesday morning i felt much better, but by the end of the day my throat was hurting enough to send me to quick care. my strep test came back negative, so a second stick was shoved in my throat and i wait two days to find out if it really is strep.  today its still really sore (i mean, bloody around my tonsils sort of sore. it hurts.)

so, i think im going to have to back out on plans to run with jason. im sure it would just make me more miserable to try to breath while running with the haze of smoke outside. we have a local fire filling the vally with smoke.  looking outside at noon it looks like sunrise still. a soft glow because there is so much smoke in the air.

wednesday morning i weighed 167.6 pounds. im attributing that to the fever for several days. so thats where i stand now.

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