Monday, September 24, 2012

early morning running

thursday jason and i walked 4.5 miles instead of running. too much smoke, too tired lungs.

sunday evening we walked just over 5 on the greenbelt in nampa and tried to nail down a new schedule. (this is always agonizing, because our schedules are determined by work load, classes, babysitting... things out of our control.)

we settled on a 5 am wake up and decided i would get up with him. i remember how hard it is to be the first one up (i used to open at moxie 3 days a week) so i offered to get up too. that way i could run early on the treadmill with less fear of waking the kids (they dont get up till 7-730, so if im finished at 6 they should be plenty asleep still when im finished making noise.)

so this morning we were up at 5 and i was finished with 3 miles before 6am. i hope the rest of the day goes as well.

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