Sunday, November 13, 2011

a warm day in november

this afternoon was beautiful. jason and i took the kids out for a three mile jog (13 minute pace) and enjoyed some sun and conversation while georgie petted emmas fuzzy hood and emma shredded fall leaves over the side of the stroller. the whole thing was really quite nice.

except the reality that this nice warm day in mid november is a complete anomaly and will probably never happen again as storms are headed our way to make this officially a cold winter. saturday evening i told jason i really needed to get to the gym, but i am hording that last pass for a day that i know im really going to need it. because i know its coming. so i think God provided some sunshine today (even though forcast called for snow overnight) so that we could get out together and i wouldnt have to spend that last pass. so thoughtful.

lesson learned though. last winter i really took advantage of the gym and used my pass. in conversation this weekend about the running we had done this week (jason 10+ miles, me 0) i found the words for the situation- the time i spent at the gym saved me from this cold, dry, depressing season of overeating and stress. i know now that i would not have been as successful loosing the extra weight if i had not formed a habit in july and continued at the gym all winter long. and i am so so glad that i did.

(its nice to look back at a situation and think hey, i made the RIGHT choice. look at that. its a much better feeling than looking back at the situation and wishing i could change it all to make something better. i think i need to keep that in mind going into this winter. and i think ill start by going to the gym tomorrow. that rec pass doesnt do me any good in my wallet.)

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