Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the kind of runner i want to be

first, thank you thank you to a friend of mine who gave me several more guest passes for the rec center and with jason home for thanksgiving break i expect to have a chance to use one this weekend! last night i enjoyed (well, after the first mile and a half where i felt like i was dragging weights off of every limb) 4 miles on the treadmill. i had lots of time to think (because i did some sprints, and some walking) and came up with a goal for myself.

i dont care to be able to pick up and run another half marathon with little notice. that kind of fitness would be great- but i dont have the time to make that commitment. i DO want to be someone who can go for a 5 mile run on an off day. i want to be able to quickly train for a half marathon in 8 easy weeks. i feel very strong and capable in daily life knowing i have fitness backing up my nutrition. so thats the goal. 3 miles will be the new easy run, and ill hang out between 3 and 5 miles most runs with the occasional 6 to make things challenging.

for a moment there i thought i had missed my weight last week- i checked though and i did post, just a day late. this morning i weigh 159 pounds. i am happy that i have been able to (mostly) maintain weight and not gain (much). (finding the positive here...) but, im also aware that at one point i was down 5 pounds from where i am now, and im bummed when i think about it. also, i am now 11 pounds from my end goal instead of 6. thats a little disappointing. i know though that i can get there, as soon as im ready to put the effort in.

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