Friday, September 6, 2013

my first mile, since january 1

i honestly cant remember what days i did what this week.  but i do know that i didnt weigh myself this wednesday. totally forgot. i did try to get in 30 minutes while jason and the kids were at caravans, but lola decided to cry for 2 hours. not fun.

then yesterday, after a poor nights sleep (more crying at 4 am. so unlike her.) and a short nap interupted by a fatastic storm and the kids sneaking marshmallows and almonds out of the pantry, i needed to get away. jason came home by 6 and took over dinner and bedtime and the baby.

the rain cooled the evening off, so instead of the gym, i ran the neighborhood. my goal was 1 mile. an entire mile without walking. and i did! and it was HARD. possibly the hardest 11:54 mile ive ever done. but i also felt so accomplished and capable when it was over, and as sore as i am this morning, im still looking forward to doing it again soon.

i finished it with a half mile walk, then pruning the front roses and digging the potatoes in the back yard. (the ground was SO wet, it was pretty much elbow deep in the mud, i had so much fun.)

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