Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 weeks in

i was sore for two days after my run last week. that sounds ridiculous, but its true. 

i weighed on saturday and was finally back to 210.6. i am pretty sure my scale was a little crooked or something when i weighed myself the first time because i was never at 210 again the rest of the week. and 10 days later, i finally was. so anyways, i think it was inaccurate the first time, and im being more careful now. this morning i weigh 210.4 pounds.

sunday evening jason and i took the kids on a walk to dairy queen for dinner and ice cream.  its 1.5mi each way. he pushed the big kids in the double and i packed lola in the bjorn.  it was a nice 3 miles, and the farthest ive gone in a while.

i want to run again tonight, but jason has a meeting at church for his work and witness trip to senegal in february so he probably wont get home in time. we'll see.

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