Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wednesday weight

ive sat on this all morning feeling discouraged, but not any more. i am back at 159 this morning. but, i am also irritable, bloated and achy. i sometimes forget that there are factors out of my control that affect the number i see. so, instead i will focus on the new outfit i am sewing for myself, and the fact that i just cut into a size smaller than i have ever made of this particular pattern. also, measuring my waist and hips for a skirt i am making up as i go, my measurements have stayed right on despite the issues ive had bouncing between 155 and 160 pounds the last couple months.

tonight and tomorrow are the last nights i can go to the gym before we vacation. i have packing and sewing and present wrapping to do, but i think ill get in at least one more good work out. (also, my mom has an elliptical at home. ive already told jason i need to use it at least once or twice while we are there. so he will help keep me accountable to that.)

for now, its time for lunch. and im back to eating a large salad to get in some extra veg, and allow me to feel like i can eat a whole lot (like i seem to want to do this time of day.)

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