Wednesday, October 3, 2012

switch up.

this week i weigh 169 pounds. im not ready to hash it all out, but its been really stressful. and its not going away any time soon.

jason and i ran 5 miles tuesday before we took the kids to linder farms and while we were out i made an out of the blue desicion to run the 10ks instead of half marathons.  its my race, i can run what i want, and i get to enjoy it. so if i dont have the time to train for two halfs, i should not be doing it and hating every moment. im not getting the miles in i need and i want to have a great race in december, so im switching it up. and i feel really good about it now. its something in my control, and instead of letting it control me, i am taking the lead. its a good feeling in this stressful time right now.

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